Monday, April 25, 2011

Yellow Mellow

All the trim in my house is yellow. I think at one point in its life is was off-white or vintage white or some other fancy paint name. Now its more like dirty men's wifebeater armpit stain. My photo taking skills do not do it justice. I am slowly (as in one foot at a time whenever I can steal a minute away from my girls) painting it white.

Tonight I decided to start on the girls room. The upstairs rooms have carpet and I was unsure of how I was going to avoid getting paint on it. Not that I love the carpet, but its not going anywhere for a while so I couldn't be sloppy.

Tape on the carpet prevented drips but didn't flatted the carpet so I could get the bottom of the baseboard.

So I got a paper plate (mine was square, yeah we're fancy like that) and cut it in half. I used it to press down on the tape as I went.

 Looks pretty good!

Next step is to stencil the wall (that G paint "barely pink"). Stenciling on textured walls? Wish me luck!

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  1. Great idea! Double good luck with the stencil. Been there, done that! Just take your time!


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