Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodbye Green

My kitchen has white cupboards (woot woot!) but it also has a white backsplash with FUGLY forest green accents and white laminate counters. They matched the green floral striped wallpaper we ripped out before moving in. New countertops and backsplash aren't in our budget right now so we are working with what we got. I was googling ways to paint tile when I came across these super slick aluminum tiles.

The come with a padded double sided tape but I also added some adhesive.

They only had one size and it wasn't 3" like my evergreen beauties so I changed the pattern. Just stuck them right over the existing tile.

BAM! They aren't bent that's just my mad foto skillz. They aren't 4" so they don't line up perfectly with the white tiles. But anything is better than green. Especially when that anything only costs $20
They are super easy to cut for places like outlets. I used my kids scissors cause I was to lazy to go upstairs and get mine.



Next up hardware on the cabinets!

Disclaimer: I take all my pictures at night and they suck. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stencil suckiness

I have been trying to stencil flowers in my girls' room. Its not the quality of the stencil thats the problem. Its my paitn colour (a raspberry that require BILLIONS of coats), my textured walls, and probably my technique. Here's whats been going on.

I followed all the directions:

I have 8 flowers done....16-20 to go.  Stenciling has been added to the same list as wallpaper and vinyl flooring.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have busy busy stenciling the wall in my girls' bedroom. Fact: Stenciling textured walls sucks. So distract myself I drew up some artwork. All my plans to be gender neutral went out the door years ago when V became obsessed with princess-pink-glitter-fairy-purple-ponies-makeup. Which is okay because I like my ultra girly household with pink christmas ornaments and the majority of people peeing sitting down.

Feel free to use this in your own super pink girly crafts and decor.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Washing in style

I've been busy...but not home reno/decor stuff. Mostly just pink summer goodness with my girls.

While we were enjoying the weather G was working on the laundry room. Get ready for a not so inspirational picture.

You notice that? No not our fab new HE Washer. Look lower...

Looks like a rubber floor right? But it's Tundra laminate flooring from Ikea. I wouldn't put this stuff all over my house but I'm loving it in the laundry room.  And its only 1.15/sqft! Super exclamation point time!!!!!!!!!!

Of course you cant truly appreciate it until you have seen the peeling, nasty vinyl that was there before.