Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Washing in style

I've been busy...but not home reno/decor stuff. Mostly just pink summer goodness with my girls.

While we were enjoying the weather G was working on the laundry room. Get ready for a not so inspirational picture.

You notice that? No not our fab new HE Washer. Look lower...

Looks like a rubber floor right? But it's Tundra laminate flooring from Ikea. I wouldn't put this stuff all over my house but I'm loving it in the laundry room.  And its only 1.15/sqft! Super exclamation point time!!!!!!!!!!

Of course you cant truly appreciate it until you have seen the peeling, nasty vinyl that was there before.


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  1. Love the new floor! It is a perfect fit for the laundry room. How cute is your pink party with your girls. I am sure they had a blast.


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