Sunday, April 3, 2011


We were lucky that most of the wallpaper in our house is the strippable kind. Yes there were a few problem spots but the playroom, kitchen and half bath all came off fairly easy.

The master bath however is EVIL. The demonic gold griffins on the pattern should have been an indicator. The top layer peels of in tiny little pieces and is STRETCHY!!! The second layer was leaving a glue and paper residue behind. We were spraying water, using a steamer and scarping with razor blades. All we were remove was tiny shreds.

 Then a neighbor suggested a magical cure: Fabric Softener.

All you need is a spray bottle (mine is an empty KABOOM, which is the best product name ever), water, fabric softener and some scrapers.

Spray on the wall



Of course there are still spots that are fused to the wall and require me to break out the razor but without the fabulous/stinky fabric softener I would be scrapping away with the razor at the same little patch.

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