Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Have you been to fabrics.com? Unless you have cash to burn I would suggest AVOIDING IT AT ALL COSTS. I am a million light miles away from the "accent pillows" phase (we're at the "we don't have any toilets and our living room floor is concrete" phase) but I am wrought with indecision! What fabrics should I pick!? A mix of flowery and geometric for sure. But what colours to accent our grey/blue-grey walls? Can I convince the G man to go with yellow? What about apple green and Navy? Coral and Navy?Turquoise and  green? Swoon!

Amy Butler
Premier Prints

Dwell (column 1-2) Vicki Payne (column 3-4)


  1. Love all of your fabric choices, I am addicted to fabric right now.

  2. Love the Amy Butler fabrics! The Dwell is fabulous also!!

  3. Okay that site could be dangerous on all levels! But I must check it out. So many wonderful selections to choice from.......oh, what's a girl to do?


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