Friday, March 4, 2011

Kitchen Pulls

Cullman & Kravis

I’m dreaming of cabinet hardware. We haven’t even finished peeling wallpaper so it’s not spending time yet but I like to fantasize. That's how kinky I am. Drawer pulls?  Light fixtures? New flooring? Oh baby.

I’m leaning towards cups on the drawers and knobs on the cabinets.
I’m also a fan of the european pulls. Especially the really long ones that go across the entire drawer front


Check out these crystal ball knobs. Our house is 75% estrogen do you think I could get away with these and pink walls? V did say she want to put glitter on the walls in the new house…

Pictures all via

Currently my kitchen has invisible hardware. The idea is that without pulls you would have to use your greasy fingers to pry open the cabinets/drawers leaving marks on the stark white cabinets. It’s what the designers call “patina”. Also I noticed there is a loner-cupboard. See him there by the fridge nook. No partner to balance him out. NO SYMMETRY. AGH WHERE IS THE SYMMETRY?

Excuse the mid demo mess

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