Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wall stress

The walls in Texas have acne scars, um I mean texture. There are two popular styles: orange peel and knockdown.
Orange Peel
  Pictures courtesy of http://www.aandrservicesinc.com/texture-styles.html

Its not an in your face texture like venetian plaster but it’s not the smooth flat walls you find in the north. Apparently its cheaper because the people installing the drywall don’t need to be as skilled. Just slap it up and spray texture all over it! The house has orange peel texture on all the walls except the ones that were wallpapered. This creates a conundrum. Do we texture the new un-wallpapered walls or do we leave them smooth? 

Here's the facts

If we go smooth the joining walls won’t match in the kitchen/family room. Smoothing the other walls in NOT an option. They are eleventy billion feet tall.

Smooth walls are most likely going to be accent walls and will be painted a different colour than the textured walls anyway

I'm not sure which is easier to DIY, smooth or texture? Smooth will need a skim coat because as-is you can see the joints. Texture will involve some kind of machine and lots of taping/covering stuff.

Texture is so…TEXAS. We might as well buy some giant ornate furniture and hang up curtains with tassels the size of my arm.

So what's your opinion???


  1. I vote smooth - you're not Texas born so can think outside the state and country. Put some smoothness of Canadiana in your house and spice it up. Get people talking!

    And show us pictures!!

  2. I think that if the smooth walls are going to need a skim coat or something, I'd just have them textured to match the others and get it over with. Then you only have to do it once. It might look odd with the smooth next to the textured.


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