Friday, March 4, 2011


Step one in the BEST GARAGE EVER

G is not the “decorate however you want honey” kind of guy. And that’s okay. But I have definite ideas on what I want this house to look like  so we struck a deal. He gets a man room and the garage. I get to decorate everything else (as long as he doesn’t hate it). This means the surfboard will no longer be hanging in our bedroom. It also means that I am not allowed to store anything in the garage. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip.  It also means our garage will have a décor.  We’re fancy like that.

Part of his big garage plans is an epoxy floor. Epoxy looks great and lasts a long time if the concrete is VERY clean before you apply it. After hours of research online this is was Gustavo did before painting the floors. Swept, use blower to blow out fine dust. Power washed.  Scrubbed with Dawn. Power washed. Let dry, blow out any dust that came in. Scrub spots with chemical cleaner. Power wash. Dry Blow out dust, scrub spots with stronger cleaner. Power wash. Dry. Powerwash. Etch, dry and then finally PAINT! Here is the result.

Looks great right? Its grey with blue/black/white chips sprinkled over it. After this layer cures he will add an glossy clear coat. Then he is going to paint the walls/cabinets, add more lighting, and add wall storage.

Loquito blow drying the garage floor.


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  1. The floor looks awesome! And I love the agreement you two came to. :)


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