Sunday, March 6, 2011


After living in beige/taupe/tan/cream apartments for ten years I imagined that when we brought a house I would paint it in a rainbow of colours. Apple greens, deep purples, crisp blues. But the house we bought has an open floor plan downstairs.
Or we could just leave it half painted and with gorgeous wallpaper

2000sqft of apple green? Barf. I'll do colour in the bedrooms/bathrooms. Plus after collecting tons of inspiration pics online I realized that what I really loved for the main living areas was grey. Grey is the new beige.

The three shades I picked are silver screen (for most of the walls)

Pewter Mug (for the kitchen)
Milestone which is more blueish/purpleish grey (for accent walls)

And here they are on the wall. Yeah its dark and there is a sun spot so not a true representation. But it looks fabu right?

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