Friday, April 8, 2011

Toilet Saga

Our houses has nasty toilets. While vacant hard water, bugs, dirt sat there and baked on in the Houston heat. This is what they look like

The seat actually looks white in this picture. Its not. Its yellow splotchy scariness.

Nasty! So new toilets are in order before we move in. First step remove old toilet. Step 2, try to save $100 by testing out the squat toilet. Decide its not for you.

Install new toilet (following manufacturers instructions) Un-install and reinstall toilet after you realize the drain flange is crooked and needs to be moved. Un-install the toilet AGAIN because the actual drain is damaged and needs to be replaced. Realize that you should probably install new flooring first. Also realize that it would be easier to paint the walls before installing new floors. Spend too many hours smoothing drywall. Paint walls. Install flooring. Install new drain and toilet.


I want to pee in you!

Now we need baseboards, new mirror and decor!


  1. wow. lol there's not much else to say besides that.

  2. hehe. Those were some pretty gross toilets.

    'I wanna pee in you'

    still laughing at that one.

  3. I'm pretty sure you must be my sister from another mister! Totally enjoy your blog, and am your newest follower. Keep it coming!

    tami @ still crazy after all these years


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