Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are now homeowners!

WOOT WOOT! We closed in our first house today and excited is an understatement. I made cupcakes for the closing and our awesome realtor Johnnie Jordan brought champagne, confetti poppers and those noise makers that unroll when you blow them. We signed 8 billion times and the keys were ours! HONK! (that's the noise maker)

We are so happy to finally have our own house. The fact that it hasn't been updated since 1998 and was vacant for two years is AWESOME. How can carpeted bathrooms and yard that has a thick carpet of leaves/pine needles instead of grass be awesome? Because we got our Texas sized starter home for a steal of a deal and most of the repairs are cosmetic (well except for the AC units, stolen). Maybe we've been watching to much HGTV but we love the idea of having a beautiful house that we created ourselves. So today when I was scrubbing the filthy toilet, kneeling on carpet speckled with what I like to imagine was "black dust" but was more likely mouse or giant roach poop, I was HAPPY! It was first small step in creating our home, today it's "Look what I did! You can sit on the toilet with out getting malaria!", tomorrow* it will be "Check out my gorgeous bathroom! Love the tile? We did that! Oh that cool water saving toilet, yeah we installed it"

So stay tuned for what is sure to be many "before and afters". For now a picture of our new home from the front. The one part the HOA maintained so it wouldn't affect the value of the neighbourhood**.


*Okay not tomorrow, but you know, sometime.
** Get prepared for some gratuitous some u's. I'm Canadian we like them.

Bonus! Video of the first time we opened the front door to our home!!!

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