Saturday, February 26, 2011


No fabulous blog candy today. We are on day two of what will probably be a week long cleaning blitz. Focus was mostly on the yard since we need to make it safe enough the that girls can eat plants play there while we are inside using scary chemicals. Here's a panoramic view so you can see the whole yard. The house isn't actually crooked that's my photoshop skillz.  We stopped counting bags after 43.

Of course the yard work = lots of half naked men.

I did tackle some of the kitchen today.  I met my new boyfriend. Mr Clean and his magic eraser.
A friend recommended and what I thought was "Pish. Dude this is a foreclosure. Its been vacant for two years. What I need is some nasty chemicals to BURN the dirt away Your silly housewife cleaning product won't work."  But I picked up a pack when I was in the cleaning aisle. Man I was so wrong. I don't know what its made of. Probably dolphins and crushed unicorn horns because it really is magic. 


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