Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playroom Progress

We have been slowly pecking away at the playroom.  Which started out look like this.....

I would say it’s about 90% complete. Most of the work left is decorating and prettifying (that’s a real word, spell check didn’t flag it. And spell check KNOWS). I don’t have a reveal yet but I will show some projects we’ve done and an in progress shot.

Art Display Area

Two cork boards from a garage sale ($1 each). Left over pink craft paint. I had planned on covering the cork with fabric but I realized it would be covered with drawings and photos so I saved myself the hassle and just painted it.

Dress-up area.
The only item I bought for this was a clothing rail (the lower one). Everything else we already owned.  We have a full length children’s mirror from ikea that is mounted on the other side of the closet. No picture of that because there is also a giant cardboard box of stuffed animal. Practical but not pretty.

Wall Gallery. $2 Ikea frames. Prints from oohmoon.com

And here is the in progress shot. This doesn’t show the whole room. I also have a large bookshelf, two recliners, the dress up area, and much more but it gives you an idea of how much more AWESOME PRETTY PINK BRIGHT FUN "COOOOLLLLLLL MAMA" it is.

Side by side. Dayum we have DIY skillz.

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  1. What a transformation!! You must be proud and your girls thrilled!!


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