Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playroom Plans

See this pile of ugliness? It’s being transformed into a playroom. A playroom with DOORS that I can SHUT. So hopefully when people pop-in I can just shut the playroom doors instead of apologizing for the fact that my living room looks like Santa’s bag exploded (His bag of TOYS. Pervert.)

The girls bedroom is going to be pink Pink PINK so I’m going multi-colour in the playroom. My inspiration is their existing toys/furniture.  We are painting the walls white on top and bamboo leaf by Behr on the bottom (G has informed me that the green is ugly and the white took too many coats). Here’s my inspiration board using items we already own.
Furniture and rug from Ikea. Play kitchen from kidkraft . Illustrations by Katie Moon. Paint by Behr.

Now I need some crap accessories to tie it all together. I have been collecting yard sale frames to paint bright pink. Some are going to frame the fabu Katie Moon prints. And some are going to be converted into fabric covered bulletin boards like this one from Bloggin with Bobbi

Curtains? I'm like this bargain beauties from Walmart.

Ikea has some cute curtains too. They also have some fun fabrics. Maybe its time to dust off my sewing machine and make some curtains!

If I go the DIY route there are a bajillion great fabrics I could use. Look at these fun ones I found on etsy.
Family Fabrics

Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants
So many choices!


  1. I love the Etsy ones but wonder if you can find one with crayons? The owl one shown I LOVE but wonder if it will get boring after a while. The crayon idea I thought of because of our sleep over and seeing all the huge crayon's in your room. I also think this will add to the creativity of the room.

    Sarah, I love that you're posting these and being SO creative with your home. So envious of your creativity, time and freedom to make your house your home.

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