Thursday, March 24, 2011

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

When we closed on the house it had 100% barf carpet everywhere except the kitchen (hardwood), a small square in the entry (hardwood) and the upstairs bathroom (vinyl). Including the bathrooms which smelled great. That's more than 2500 sq feet of carpet. We originally planned on replacing all of the downstairs flooring before we moved in but decided to put it off because there are so many start up costs when you buy your first house (a lawn mower costs what!)  Plus its spring and its 80F (26C in Canadian eh!) and we'd rather invest in a patio/bbq/patio furniture/yard right now.

So we are replacing the bathroom stank covering and the carpet in playroom (there was a leak) but the rest of the carpet will be cleaned and stay for a while. A lot of it is in decent shape for 12 year old carpet but the livingroom is pretty worn out. Plus it is a GIANT EXPANSE OF BEIGE so I would like to get a rug. The problem?

1. I'm cheap
2. It needs to be ginormous
3. I'm really cheap but G is even cheaper
4. The little people in my house like to spill stuff in the living room. We eat there sometimes. In front of the TV. Please dont report me to the mommy police.

The most affordable rugs out there are indoor/outdoor rugs. I LIKE that they aren't shaggy and squishy but I worry they might be to hard or rough. But people put sisel and jute in their house. And that stuff feels like a loofah (but looks so FRESH and CRISP and CLEAN- I think all decor blogs need those words)

Anyway I have scouted a few good deals on All of these are monster rugs (~9x11)




 This one is smaller (7x9) but I like it
I'm kinda loving the houndstooth (in black). William Sonoma Home had a similar one a while back. Except theirs was wool and $1650.

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  1. We got an indoor outdoor rug last fall at Lowe's on clearance for $40. It's HUGE, and it's holding up well. It's under the kitchen table. It's not rough. It has a definite texture, but it's not hard on the feet at all.


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