Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Craig and his list

I've been browsing Craigslist a lot lately. You can find a lot of super nice stuff. Our kitchen table and couches were found there. There is also a lot of yuck.

Like this for $250. "grey cloth with white accents, and black and gold trim" The upholstery on the back looks likes those giant pads the hospital gives you after you have a baby.

Three dimensional leopard mirror. $300. Nuff said.

Or this bedroom set for $450...yeah you paid 2 G's for 1986. OH SNAP!

There should be a list of rules for craigslist

  1. If it was chewed, marked on, peed on, burnt, wet, stinky, stained: list it in the freebie section or take it to the dump.
  2. Vintage does not means your stuff is worth a lot of money. Sometimes old crap is just old crap.
  3. It doesn't matter of you paid eleventy billion dollars for your nasty couch. Don't overprice your stuff.

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